Season 1 Episodes


Episode 26

Hacking Highlights: Last 24 Guests
A Recap of Real Estate Wisdom: Unpacking Season 1

Episode 25

Ari Rubin
Real Estate Taxation Decoded

Episode 24

Ira Fishman
Journey from Accounting to Affordable Housing Advocacy

Episode 23

Taylor Loht
Turning Real Estate into Gold: Investment Insights

Episode 22

Andrew and Camala Winter
Surviving and Thriving: A Real Estate Odyssey

Episode 21

Sean O'Dowd
The Art of Picking the Right Property: Expert Insights and Strategies

Episode 20

Andrew Postell
In the Trenches: Real-World Strategies for Real Estate Success

Episode 19

John Tripolsky
Decoding Real Estate: Lessons From a Pro

Episode 18

Gorden Lopes
Journey to Success: A Leap from Tech to Real Estate

Episode 17

Ian Cameron
Demystifying Real Estate Investing: A Tech Perspective

Episode 15

Alik Levin
Trading Tech for Tenants: A Shift to Real Estate

Episode 14

Julie Aragon
From House Hacker to Multifamily Investor: Lessons & Expertise

Episode 13

Taylor Hou
Real Estate Accounting: Navigating the Challenges

Episode 12

Chastin Miles
Building Strong Connections: The Key to Success in Real Estate Investing

Episode 11

Zoe Fox
Rental Insights: How to Price Rentals, Attract Ideal Tenants and Handle Adverse Situations

Episode 10

Steve Trang
Real Estate Wholesaling Guide: Expert Tips

Episode 9

Gino Barbaro
From Restaurant Owner to Real Estate Mogul: Building Equity in Real Estate

Episode 8

Ashton & Chris Levarek
From W-2 to Scaling a Real Estate Business

Episode 7

Zane Harris
Defining Your Target Market and Tenants

Episode 6

Chris Hsu
Chris Hsu shares his journey, investment strategies, property management challenges, and pandemic's impact on rentals. Valuable advice for aspiring real estate investors.

Episode 5

Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver advises on self-managing rental properties, emphasizing reliable remote management systems and a capable team. She suggests mid-term rentals and offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Episode 3

J. Scott
Learn how to build a successful real estate investing business with expert tips from J Scott, real estate investor, author and former BiggerPockets podcast host.

Episode 4

Nick Giulioni
Discover how Nick went from being a tech worker to house hacker, fixing and flipping properties, and even running two wedding venues.

Episode 2

Sean Pan
Sean Pan, a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, shares tips on achieving financial freedom through real estate investing in a recent podcast interview.

Episode 1

Taylor Brugna
Taylor Brugna, CPA and real estate investor, shares investing journey, emphasizes team building, gives portfolio expansion tips, and compares cash flow vs. appreciation.


Meet the Co-hosts!
Join Vikas Gupta, CEO of Azibo, and Brandon Hall, CEO of Hall CPA, to hack your way to better real estate investing with guests sharing cash flow and appreciation tips.

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